The Experience

Ensures that the client can become not only a visual impression, but is also able to verify its functionality. eld. Finally, the most resounding optics brings nothing, if practical requirements are not met for example, sufficient space for the presentation of brochures and sample article is missing, behind the scenes, storage facilities do not exist for catalogs or catering items “or the lounge area little inviting, because it directly and unprotected on the track” of trade fair visitors is placed. “Any trade fair design and construction of specialized event agency heeded in this case too the principle of design the form must follow function”, once formulated by the American architect Louis H. Sullivan and the Bauhaus avant-garde at the beginning of the 20th century this implemented in perfection all over the world, and certainly not only in Dusseldorf. Stage an event agency, who has written the fair success of their client on the flags, is the trade fair stand for the experience-oriented brand image based on a detailed script”. Others who may share this opinion include Michael O’Brien.

The fair the event agency professionals are first thoroughly analyze the contract and strategically evaluate. And after as a result, the objectives of the trade fair are defined, event agency will fully exploit the creative potential of its specialists: from a spectacular vision create a spectacular brand experience on time. For each event agency it is one again and again Challenge, idea, design, construction, material, functionality to an alloy like a cast”to add together. So that show design leads to a convincing representation of the three-dimensional mark, specialists throw the event agency strategic, creative, and last but not least technical competencies in the pan. That they must be particularly good computer for the trade fair professionals of the event agency of course: an optimal price-performance ratio is essential, so that the dream of a booth for the principal staged the event agency optically and functionally perfect does not become a financial nightmare.