The Employees

This recognition, let us say thus, will give conditions to the new ambient manager to verify possible points to be corrected in the process of production or manufacture. Another point that the ambient manager must have knowledge already in the first days of work, is to get of direction information on if the company possesss some type of ambient politics or if already it uses in the day the day of work, some ambiently correct method in the production process, this if makes necessary so that the ambient manager can know such processes in practises, and to evaluate if they are being applied of correct form, or she will be necessary to improve it or even though aboliz it. In the second stage of the evaluation, the ambient manager must look the responsible ones for each sector of the company, to make its notations and to improve its agreement still more of as the company functions, in these notations must contain given important on the sector as: amount of substance cousin used per day or month, possible residues or remaining portions of this substance cousin, and for where they are being destined such residues, the ambient manager does not have to forget that the ambient management is on directly with the sector of security in the work, and that one of the concerns that the ambient manager must have, she is related with the security of the employees of this company, therefore they are the greater that a company possesss and that the human being always will be in the top of the chain of the environment, and to guarantee its security in the work well are vital part of the production process. Already in the practical part where the ambient manager rolls up sleeves and places the hands in the mass, and she goes to place in its plan of action that after elaborated must be presented for high direction, I contend simple solutions of as to diminish, for example, in the production process the water consumption or wastefulness, electric energy, chemical paper, substances cousin, products, residues of any species of production, to daily implant systems of selective produced garbage collection, to be always intent to the new implanted sectors inside of this company, so that they since the first day of functioning apply good practical of ecological production. the most important of all action that the ambient manager must take in the company, that it is the invocation of all the employees for a small lecture on ambient education and environment, creating an ambient conscience in all the employees, alerting them on the conditions where if they find our environment and the importance that the individual contribution of each employee for the same has, that added the collective they give to significant contribution for the improvement the ambient quality. To conclude, I can say that the task of an ambient manager in a company, either it of whom either the branch of activity, has for purpose to form an ambient conscience in its integrant ones, and contribute so that the products or services for it manufactured empreguem, in its process of manufacture, methods of ambient preservation, producing products or ambiently correct services of quality and for its customers, the methods who the ambient managers go to use, are complicated simple they or more, do not matter since that the end item has been produced, in the end of process, of form more ambiently correct of what he was produced before its chagada in the company.

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