The Customer

And this implies that offers and communications that we send you, will focus on the experience of the customer, i.e., on what they already know about it: their purchasing habits. For this reason, instead of offering new products, recommended products, we will offer you may be interested, other similar customers have purchased. Eye: If the customer has purchased only by price, we will have to have more mimo with him, because in this situation, you will be attentive to any movement of competition in respect of prices. Action can be as simple as launch campaigns of electronic newsletters and/or specific communications, if you have given us permission to do so. Another option consists in the management of specific and very selective strategies: X % of disc. on your next order, bring us to another client and we offer… But what is really key to retain customers is study their behavior, analyze results, and extract patterns of conduct. Know why we have bought and what type of profile have, what segment (if any) belong or have been purchased by some specific aspect (offers, specific dates) or because the product is really good.

Extracting patterns of conduct that are already customers, you will allow us on the one hand, know what segment of users can focus on a new campaign to attract and which subsequently attempting to loyalty, and on the other hand, know what else offer have already purchased that once. And once done throughout this process, we will begin again: planning, action, and analysis. But every time with more experience and knowledge of our clients, something that if we know capture will help us with our brand image or corporate image. It is important, keep in mind that today is not enough when a customer is satisfied to say that he is loyal; It is necessary, but not sufficient. Loyalty involves creating a positive dependence towards our rubber(LSR) company in client / brand. Only in this way, the customer will feel important, satisfied, welcomed and become recommender and influence of our company. And how to get create a dependency positive purchase towards our company habits?