The Company

Likewise, the client may feel more attracted by those companies with which to interact consistently well through different channels. When the customer wants to know information of a product or service of the company, may enter a Web portal which is easy to navigate, understandable and that delivers the information you are looking for. If you have specific questions which cannot find answer on a web portal, you can take the decision to make a query through Chat or sending an email to the company, with the assurance that you will get a response within a reasonable time. If you want a more personalized communication, which can establish a telephone contact with a human that you can address their concerns and give Guide. A visit from a sales representative at the customer site to meet your needs personally is another channel of interaction. Charles II: the source for more info. To establish a strategy of interaction with the client through different channels, it is necessary to evaluate several aspects in detail.

The following are some recommendations: which is the profile customers or customer segments that the company serves today. For this is important to know in detail what are the characteristics of these segments and which differentiates them from others which is the life cycle of each of these customers or customer segments. When we speak of the life cycle, we refer to identify each one of the points of customer contact with the company, since it is a prospect, going through the stage of sales and delivery or compliance and understanding very well the contact points of maintenance of customer and reinforcement of the commercial relationship. Identify in each of these contact points, which are the most appropriate channels for interaction and that may give more agility to the business processes that support each of these contact points. Develop an assessment cost/benefit of implementation of each of these channels of interaction.