The Companies

Te re-engineering looks for to improve the institutions in which modificar the structures, thus is clear that it is not just as the total quality, but it orients to important improvements but consequently mejorar the institutions that can be pblicas or private. That is to say, difference of the total quality, thus is clear that it deserves the corresponding studies, in such sense we hoped that investigations are realized on this important subject of the right of the company. This theory lleg to the Peruvian state does but of ten years. Re-engineering is different from the total quality, thus agrees upon this soothes to differentiate them, in order to have slidos knowledge on these important tendencies, which are important not slo in the right of the company, but in all the branches of the right and all the branches of the human knowledge. The total quality apareci first and the re-engineering apareci later, and another difference is that in first maquillaje looks for, whereas in second it looks for to change the structures, thus is clear that they are different, but both among others look for the constant improvement of the company, to which it is applied the same, for example it can be matter of application to the pblicas institutions and prevailed, among others and of this form it is possible to be obtained constant improvements in total form or partial, thus it is clear that it deserves the corresponding studies. The dissolution is the beginning of the aim of the companies and jurdicas people like of the autnomos beings, thus it is clear that it deserves the corresponding studies. In this stage it names to the liquidator ones, which take.

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