The Buy-Sell Online Technique

It is known that in these times we must tighten our belts and we are forced to sacrifice cutting costs. Books, CDs, video games and movies are expensive, the choice is wide and for most of us is a luxury to indulge yourself and totally impossible to buy everything we want. Internet has long been an easier alternative to downloading free (and illegal) of the desired good, but at the same time is frustrating and potentially dangerous. For those who prefer to have the object – fetish cover art, the smell of book lovers, addicted to the sound 5. 1 and others – without losing purchasing power, a new alternative is gaining ground in our country: the buying and selling online.

Where to start? Perhaps most difficult is choosing the platform sale. The mistrust of the online payment is the main obstacle to this activity. To do this you must first determine whether the site is secure. An example is the platform in Spain PriceMinister *, which enjoys great success in France for a decade. For the first purchase and for those who do not like to risk, nothing better than to use a coupon (available at sites like piggy bank-bargain.

s) and get a CD or DVD for a couple of euros. After checking with a first purchase the reliability of the site, we can start selling. You only have to do some house cleaning and free holes in the shelves and selecting items that we do not like and we know we’ll never use. The sale is simple (entering the bar code or title) and totally free. Just simply wait for someone to buy you something. Transactions are secured by PriceMinister as the payment of sales. Once we have received, we can use the money to buy one on the web, knowing that we can return later to sell it and recover back the money to buy something else (for example, you can buy a video game with a 40% discount , play it and then sell euros getting even a profit). If we apply this rule to all categories, the cultural range open to us is enormous: books, CDs, movies, and get home games almost without spending money or earning a few euros per transaction In short, buying and selling online has many advantages: – A considerable savings with respect to traditional businesses without having to go – We can recycle items that do not use and give the opportunity for people who wish to buy at low prices. – With the income from sales can continue shopping without using credit card. * PriceMinister: Portal in France in August 2000 and specializes in buying and selling fixed-price guarantee, and lowering of objects new and second hand between individuals and professionals. Given the huge success of the company in the neighboring country, where it has become a benchmark of e-commerce, PriceMinister decides to launch in 2007 the Spanish market, where it already has over one million monthly visits and a range of over 33 million products.

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