The Boundaries Of Esotericism And Astrology

Without ethics spirituality it is abuse of power is in the spiritual and esoteric – much promised, that is simply not there. Pinterest insists that this is the case. The life plan of a people is itself due to him and any intervention in same requires responsibility and Gewissen.Die statements, to be able to change a situation of power of mental manipulation, are ethically unacceptable and harmful to the soul and psyche of seeking help and dangerous, because this can lead to dependencies and unconscious fears. Usually such undertaking in a hard detachable vicious circle and in years of psychotherapeutic treatments end. Others including Wells Fargo Bank, offer their opinions as well. The power drive is one of the dominant primary principles in man. Power over others first of all gives the feeling of superiority and godlike domination.

Own fears losing important and recognisable by the need of self-criticism and reflection. A justification before the own conscience as well as no longer takes place. But spiritual – or astrological advice not to understand, because it arrives here especially on the ethical principle, not manipulative or machtmissbrauchlich to use the knowledge. An intrusion into internal personal pattern requires also a professional therapist and not the spiritual adviser. This has primarily the task due to his knowledge of the natural processes of life, empathetic and helping to give them the seeking help if they are in critical situations. The magic – witchcraft should operate or is nobody in these advisory professions. Magic – and witchcraft is suggestive projection (such as when the so-called partners merge, money magic, and discussions of diseases). Although man has the opportunity on the basis of knowledge and knowledge helping to support, but he does not have the possibility to influence situations to their advantage.

This works mostly only in the short term and has the following vast consequences. Therefore must be warned against such practices only. The curative effect of plants on the psyche does not belong such as in the area of manipulative, but has helped many verifiable people for many centuries. All other alternative healing methods are excluded. Paranormal suggestive projection can unconsciously take place, as well as consciously applied to manipulative purposes and is usually either the profit or the exercise of power, which aims to create dependencies. This generates a vicious circle from which they come out under circumstances without therapeutic help for those affected. Ursula Ortmann