The Ahlnl Influence

Without a doubt is a reflection of our national educational systems, which has led to a development integral to our country and as a test, nothing more nor less what happened during the ceremony of the 2009 2010 school start. Where the Chief Executive thanked the National Union of workers (SNTE) next to his lideresElba Esther Gordillo, by promoting the contest selection where intends to eradicate corruption. The leader of the SNTE gave a gala of their preparation and leadership, when showed his concern for teachers as well as to the students when pointed out that the community as a whole are promptly vaccinated against the AHLNL influence before the possible rebound that will happen in the winter months. Dios truth I imagine at that time that it could possibly be a new strain, not yet discovered and much more dangerous than all the previous ones and our leader we was putting in warning. In my opinion, situations like this among others, as well as the textbooks in Jalisco that have large deficiency by the way recently put as interim, this is not more tremendous deterioration and monopoly which this submerged education in our country, with dinosaurs that are only concerned about their personal interests, sincerely enough with type of situations such as what happens to education in Jalisco and in our country. But hey don’t worry, the new AHLNL strain which has discovered, the magisterial leader Elba Esther Gordillo only affects and long educational system in Mexico. Original author and source of the article