Telephone Interview

Creating and shipping which is application – it usual by post or electronically “Hello Mrs. Christie’s art auction has much experience in this field. Meyer / Mr. Schmitz, thank you that you have applied to the advertisement”, so is may not only the introductory phrase of the confirmation letter on a shipped application but can be also the first movement in a telephone interview. Telephone interview, why this? In times of rising applications for existing vacancies in the various job fairs, print publications or on the company website, companies hire their own or external recruitment in order to crystallize in a telephone interview in how far the applicant for the vacant function or activity is. Furthermore can be clarified this potential gaps in your CV, or – should it be necessary for the new position – the actual level of foreign language required for the position of are ertmittelt. A telephone interview should be a / an applicant /-in not be underestimated. Also for this apply: prepare well and provide the appropriate framework.

Confirm appointment or sufficient time to propose an alternative appointment promptly here are some tips: after receiving the invitation to a telephone interview for the interview schedule. Usually this takes 20 to 30 minutes, on the day of the interviews mental care prepare. Half an hour before the contact takes place, distance to the previous activity win, so that is the concentration throughout the interviewee and his questions. establish reasonable interview: no errors that interfere with the conversation, reduce any music in the background, Strassenlarum or hide. Conversations in the background street noise distract the participants of the interview.

the name of the interview partner is not announced, this note at the beginning of the conversation and use every now and then during the conversation. This indicates an active listening and interested. pay attention to their own formulations. Colloquial or tongue-in-cheek remarks are taboo. Application documents in perspective so that questions can be answered quickly. should be one or more foreign languages in the notice of competition required and these are listed in the application, to adjust that suddenly changes the call from German to foreign languages. Basically, the phone interview is a small interview. It should be prepared with the same care as any later held personal.