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More leads from website by re-target visiting companies London, United Kingdom – September 19, 2010 – the prospects of generation capabilities of LEADSExplorer are extends contact finding and the simple mail to the companies. Although many corporate Web sites people visit, only a few (up 3 percent) leave your contact details on the website behind (online form) or get in touch by email or phone. 97 percent of all possible leads will be lost as also the investment in the site, SEO, in advertising and in the social media for generating website traffic. To a large extent lost prospects to achieve this 97 percent, LEADSExplorer provides new possibilities: – browsing new visiting company – choose which companies to contact for established after their visit intensity (leads scoring) – detailed information about the company – contacts and email address within these visiting companies. -Easy and convenient contact by email using predetermined E-mail templates (templates) -. Contact history for distance climb persecution – knowledge when they re-visit these properties increase the online prospect generation capacity of each possible company in B2B the target without any price increase. LEADSExplorer will show: – the company name and website visitors – interest van visitors and companies – which companies specific pages visit the contact (email marketing) by interested companies with the right message. Engago Technologies Ltd.

Subject: Engago technologies is a leading provider in Web business solutions for customer acquisition, visitor conversion, and customer loyalty. This new generation of services are on demand’ delivered as software as a service (SaS) and are usable anywhere because they require only a browser. Engago Technologies Ltd. is a privately held company headquartered in the close of London in the United Kingdom and won Red Herring 100 Europe in 2008.