Technological Institute

They were designed for use only in Russia, and with them the domestic factories can not go to any foreign market, even cis countries. Today, all countries are moving to European and world standards. And in the cable industry all aimed to ensure that Russian standards translate into a language understood throughout the world. It is, therefore, of conversion table, in order to be comparing the Standards, OSTy and European standard, to pick one or the other products for energy. Large plants are doing it on their own, much smaller – in vniikp (All – Research, design – Design and Technological Institute of the cable industry). Often, the same cable is on European standard notation, and gost – is quite different. Does not match of their technical characteristics.

To the extent that a comparison can be solved, it is not a single cable, and two completely different products. Another problem faced by consumers in the Russian market cables and wires – it's informal delivery cpr. Cable is the country on a "gray" schemes and the relevant codes of hs. For example, often there are situations where the code under the guise of radio hs imported high-voltage cable. Whereas the duty on a 5%, while the other – about 10-15%. And, unfortunately, not every employee of the customs authorities can correctly identify the type of cable to counteract the disturbance. Association of cables going to take test samples and determine their relevance and according to their ability to enforce customs regulations.