Technical Director

You can chat with the owners living in these homes: how often does the company not timely provide services, citing the lack of necessary equipment, who does the work have occurred whether the shutdown of heating, water or electricity because of late maturity of the Professional Code of debt on them? If the management company is mired in debt, does not have enough equipment and the number of specialists in the state, then the conclusion of her contract should be abandoned. Experience If a company was formed relatively recently and provides services to at least three years, it is necessary ask the history of its creation. Unfortunately, over the past decade in the Russian housing and communal services has appeared a lot of operating organizations whose sole purpose – to take care as many homes and collect money from residents. But to spend it on expanding the facilities and highly-qualified staff of the Professional Code is not half-baked in a hurry. However, this does not mean that private firms should be discounted. Among them many which have been formed with an eye to long-term stable operation, because the utilities – not a bad business for those who know their business.

"Previously we were engaged in various installation works associated with the heating and sanitation. After earning a certain experience and a solid customer base, we decided to expand the scope and create a management company. Today, in , we serve 26 houses ", – says Alexey Evstropov, Technical Director of cmc 'Santehservis (, Primorsky Krai).