Tea Menu Handbook

On the tea in a restaurant. How to make a tea menu. A guidebook for the restaurateur. Choice of tea for a restaurant is an important part in shaping the overall menu. The main criteria for tea in a restaurant is the quality of the product, properly selected range, efficient processing of tea card, the necessary conditions for the preparation and observance of rules brewing. In order to properly make tea menu, you need to know the rules of production. Assortment of tea to the menu restaurant. It is important to understand that for the image of the restaurant, offering a menu of retail products are not the best approach. Production of tea for restaurants is not sold in stores, and is presented only from suppliers to the restaurants. Differences – the best quality and supply conditions, which are accompanied by additional professional services (consulting specialists, providing the necessary accessories and staff training). Assortment of tea shall conform level, size of restaurant and preferences of the guests. Tea products for the restaurant business can be divided into two groups:-Classic Tea-Tea Special addition to the usual supply of tea, you can create range of seasonal tea cocktails. To work with tea cocktails, you can use all existing tools in any restaurant: a glass of latte, syrups, and various fruit juices and fruit. Vendors restaurants – professionals, glad to share its developments in the development of recipes cocktails. A classic assortment of tea in the restaurant's menu consists of a required set of teas with a small variety of fruit, herbal and flavored teas.

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