Employment Center

You guaranteed free and get something for that ', employed' are paying a lot of money. In order to get all of the above listed then and we have to gather the following documents: passport, work book, documents on education (diploma, certificate, etc.), military ID (if, while serving in the Army added to the length […]

The Vacancy

Otherwise, responsibilities, which performs and he and the other almost identical, although in the first case, the post sounds much more presentable. Sometimes the technician may be called 'head office', which should also be some concern. Now many companies need programmers. However, the programmer can call and the person who is engaged in the actual […]

Corporate Web Work

However, to awaken interest among visitors to the prospects work in the company, as well as to answer basic questions and they can not. In our time for 50% of the candidates the information obtained from the sites is an important and even decisive in choosing a workplace. Corporate sites should not simply facilitate the […]