The New Way To Construct Houses

A house built in indoor conditions contains less humidity than houses built in traditional manner in dealing up to 70%. The duration of the construction process is shorter in comparison to the conventional prefabricated houses to 2 – 3 times. During the construction of the House in indoor conditions indoor as well as outdoor activities […]

HVAC Space Systems

University, airport, Center fur Luft – und Raumfahrt HVAC accompany container large construction projects in North Rhine-Westphalia. Hamburg/Langenfeld, 08 December 2011. HVAC space container from Langenfeld vary in North Rhine-Westphalia in use: whether extension of the Cologne Bonn airport, construction of condos in Dusseldorf or new construction of StudierendenServiceCenters (SCC) in the South courtyard of […]

Law Space

Architecturally unique commercial real estate in the Nuremberg old town construction of SEBALD offices, one of the most extraordinary office buildings in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, is complete: outdoor, Park – and staircase, as well as the first two floors are completely done created and ready for occupancy. Client family Cullmann in Langenzenn sets […]