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Business Association

As already noted, self-regulation is realized through the creation of the participants of the construction market of special structures (SRO in the building) and delegation of responsibilities to them, including the right to control the observance of 'rules game ', the application of sanctions for violations of these rules and resolve disputes among the market …

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Limited Liability Companies

Current legislation does not contain a definition of reorganization of legal entity, but it clearly captures the form of reorganization. Today, the reorganization represents a variety of ways to stop and simultaneous occurrence of legal persons effecting the transfer of rights and responsibilities. Art. 51 Federal Law "On Limited Liability Companies" regulates the reorganization. " …

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Alcohol License

The license for the sale of alcohol products allows the holder to carry out retail, wholesale, manufacturing and storage of alcohol, while respecting all the conditions of licensing. Federal Law of 22 November 1995 171-FZ "On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol and alcohol products," regulates the activities associated with the sale …

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