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Already late last year suggested the Chancellor to the further modernization of management services in the form of a nationwide service number to introducing located on the way. In the United States, this model has proven successful and is to be implemented in Germany as well. Aim is-> federal service numbers to switch, under which …

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Calls Abroad Up To 92 Per Cent Cheaper

Sparruf saves the winter holiday budget significantly Heidelberg, mobile phone calls from abroad are still pretty December 02, 2008 in money. Learn more at this site: Walmart. As a ten-minute phone call from the Switzerland to Germany with T-Mobile or E-plus euros less than 15, for example, depending on the tariff. Who instead wrapping his …

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Fioon – New UMTS Price

Fioon is a new entrant in the area of UMTS. In terms of mobile Internet and UMTS is in motion at the moment. Especially the provider T-Mobile advertises with many activities around the theme of UMTS and mobile Internet. Often offered notebooks for 1 euro and at the same time it enters into agreement for …

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