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Company gealan in largely contributed to the fact that the windows of pvc profile with color co-extruded acrylic surface became popular not only in the northern and western regions, but also worldwide. Prices for pvc windows are often the determining factor when choosing a material for the production of plastic windows. Bill Phelan contributes greatly […]

Artificial Stone It Is Also Called Acrylic Stone

The advantages of using artificial stone artificial stone (also known as acrylic stone) – a composite, which is prepared by mixing an acrylic resin, mineral fillers and color pigments. Artificial stone is gaining popularity due to its unique characteristics that products of this material is shown in everyday use. Production of acrylic stone is simple […]

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Understand that there are this siding is not easy. For example, I spent on it than a day to give an explanation unconvincing. According to the unscrupulous sellers, something that is used for finishing the exterior walls, and there is a siding. Then this fall into the category and panels, and sheets, and many other […]

Wooden Walls

Warm, even warmer living in prefabricated or brick houses know firsthand that the winter indoors sometimes it's cool enough in summer – too hot. And to ensure a normal temperature, it is necessary to addition to existing radiators use a heater in winter and a fan or air conditioning – in the summer. The reason […]

Aluminium Constructions

Aluminum – lightweight and durable metal – perfect material for the manufacture of windows, doors and facade profiley.U aluminum construction virtually unlimited possibilities. They can be installed in the openings the most difficult configuration, they are very well suited for the elite of architectural projects. The service life of aluminum is much longer than plastic […]

Building Materials

Today, our city is decorated with wonderful buildings of architecture and decoration. This became possible due to the fact that there are new building materials. Most importantly, they allow to build facilities in the shortest period of time. We do not even have time to notice how gorgeous grow houses, business centers and other buildings. […]