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Financial Situation

Just as there are laws that govern in the field of gravity and physics, there are laws that govern in the financial field. One of them is the law of the order. Order precedes the increase. If we are messy with our resources, them are managing badly and are hardly going to be able to …

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Electronics Records Management

In this first part will explain why it is increasingly important electronic document management. In the second and last part we give an introduction to process management (workflow) and an example of electronic records management. * The importance of electronic document management * The way we work has changed in recent years due mostly to …

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The Digital Divide – A Brief Introduction

This article will give an introduction to three topics. What are the highlights of the digital divide? What laws principles underlying the implementation of the digital divide? What are you collecting main aspects of legislation, in relation to the digital divide, which we have to? To begin, we emphasize that there are many synonyms that …

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