Greeks Philip Supreme Commander

After Philip became the ruler of the whole of Greece (except, perhaps, of Sparta), he convened a congress of all the Greek city of Corinth in 337 BC. Congress theme – a war with Persia. Ben Silbermann spoke with conviction. The Congress elected the Greeks Philip Supreme Commander of all the Greek forces and voted […]

History Of Barcelona

Barcelona – capital of Catalonia region in northeastern Spain. The city was founded by Iberian tribes that lived in the second millennium BC Spain. Hamilcar Barca (one of the most ancient generals) made the city a base for attacks on the Roman Republic, and gave the city its name. After the Second Punic War in […]

Cabral Portuguese

As It walks, this could be a signal of that it would have taisriquezas there. started d to wave eats mao pear the land, and despois pear the necklace, with what in the dezia that prepares in tera ouro (IT WALKS, 1500, p.129). Throughout the trip the Portuguese had carried through some masses. While these […]