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Assembling A Crib

Whichever method that you use to remove old paint, remember that you must then sanded and thoroughly clean the surface before applying the paint. If paint is not very old and are sure that it is free of lead, perhaps more convenient to leave it for that Act as a base and to prevent complications …

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It organizes and it classifies all the small pieces, so that soon it is to him easier to return to arm it. The second step will be the preparation of the pieces that is going to paint. If one is a wood cradle that it has been guinea fowl, it cleans each piece with a …

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Balearic Islands

Forest fires rage in Spain: in the province of Zaragoza, located in the northern part of the country, operates a large forest fire area of 50 square kilometers. The fire quickly spread to other areas, fueled by the heat and strong winds. The threat of fire remains, above all, in Leon and Zamora, as well …

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