Business Continuity Plan

For the existence of any business need so-called continuity plan, there are a number of organizational and technical measures, which give a permanent result. The security system consists of several companies components to ensure uninterrupted production and performance: Energy independence (during a power outage all comes to a screeching halt), fire safety; IT-security – the […]

Effective Management

In the above article I will discuss several key factors that have a heavy impact on business, as well as some data on upravleniyuYa would like to share some of the data and conclusions izprakticheskoy activities in the field of personnel management. This predmetshiroko known as 'Management'. Everyone has heard the name, and somehow understood […]

Howard Low Review

Concern value (going concern value) – value of a going concern or the proportion of shareholders in its capital. JPMorgan Chase can provide more clarity in the matter. Book value (book value) – difference between the total value of assets (net of depreciation, and amortization of resources used) and total liabilities, in accordance with the […]

Modern Methods

One of the main tasks of any manager is to fully exploit the full potential in their development sotrudnikov.Pri proper staff incentives, a rise in productivity and, consequently, the profitability of the company. Question: “How to achieve more value from their subordinates?” Sooner or later, there is every manager who is interested in business development. […]