Global Positioning System

Thus, in 1990 Annual sales of anti-theft alarm in Europe amounted to 10 million sets per year. However, these impressive sales abnormal unilateral radio-controlled car alarms could not remain indifferent the world's carmakers. Was launched active promotion for the fight for the silence at the legislative and societal level. For example, the adoption of a […]

FIAT Company

But we specifically give a picture of wheeled agricultural tractors of both companies, which they released just before the merge. Manual FIAT-ALLIS received very competently, having built before launching into its production the whole dealership network and systems company repair shops, so buy a car FIAT-ALLIS already in 1976 expressed a desire to buyers in […]

Alternative Optics

Modern motorists really care not only about the technical characteristics of their cars, but also about their appearance. For example, many people simply can not imagine the tuning of an expensive car, in particular, "Mercedes", without alternative optics. After all, she makes the car literally change the face. In addition, it allows you to install […]

Company Decisions

Today's industrial production will not try to imagine yourself without the multi-vehicle fleet, including – and a set of trailers. In order to ensure full functionality, including – Transportation and any and all types of products and items for the purpose – to contractors or customers of any industrial company must purchase a personal multi-vehicle […]

Response Operator

At this time, increases the likelihood that once difficult to reach, and for some time have to wait for a response operator. Therefore, if the opportunity is there, it is advisable to avoid peak times and call in the daytime, especially if you want to do pre-order a taxi – usually a trip to the […]

European Stations

If there is a chance to find a gas station, where you can only fill the tank, it is only in the area. In the class of Medium settled nearly all of St. Petersburg service stations. The difference mainly lies in size and quality range of shops, as well as the list of additional services. […]