Since the beginning of the financial crisis the economic situation of countries has worsened. World demand falls, production suffers major losses, as it can not implement products. Companies have to spend staff cuts employees. People on the streets without a livelihood, and any hope of a better quality of life. A vicious circle, the more unemployment in the world, the less aggregate demand. Governments just need to unite to address the problem of unemployment. Necessary to increase the number of jobs. In Russia, many large enterprises have ceased to exist, and many survive only thanks to state support. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Wells Fargo.

Acute unemployment situation is in small cities and towns. Typically, the entire city there is only one town-forming enterprise, which operates more than half working-age population. If the company closes, the majority of the population remains unemployed. Of course, one of the methods to combat unemployment is to support and increase, primarily small businesses. Problem lies in the fact that not everyone is able to open and run their own business. In addition to Russia, to create their own business is very, very difficult. To do this, we need a minimum starting capital. If a person feels in strength to build your business, then it must necessarily start it.

People who have no entrepreneurial spirit, they are good performers, but the organizers should try to find a job. You can try your hand at various fields. The most important thing is not to despair, post resumes for free on dedicated message boards. Must often travel to interview. Trying to find a job through friends, relatives and friends. Most importantly, you can try to improve their skills or retrain. On “Employment Fund” regularly conduct free training courses and retraining. Do not waste your time, because it priceless! Raise your level of mastery in their chosen profession, because the higher it is, the more chances to find a job! Plan your day so that regular visits to two, and preferably three interviews. How to behave on interview you can learn from our articles. Be sure to correctly compose a resume. Enter all your information, education, work experience and skills. Describe your personal qualities, achievements in your personal life or on previous job. Before you go to the interview, try to get some more information about the company, in order to be prepared for possible questions you might ask. Think about what you could be useful for companies that you could offer her. Superior quality employees is hardworking. Every employer wants to find employees who worked honestly and well. The main thing is not to despair and to continue to look for work and believe that you are sure to find it. Post a free resume SuperJobs. We very much hope that it is on our portal, you will find a new job from an employer!