Stress Management Centers

Stress management and positive By: . CPLNCC. Stress is an enemy to the health and welfare, concerned about this problem, the Inter American University has established the Stress Management Centers, one of which is located on our campus. Ours has four students properly trained technicians to help avert crises that may arise (or be made worse) by stress.We should note that not a crisis intervention center, but rather a preventive tool. The word stress is derived from the Greek “stringere” meaning strain. The author Hans Selye defined it as a general response to any stimuli agency stressor or stressful situation. The stimuli may emerge from studies, work, economic situation, its environment, among others. However, what one person perceives as stressful, can not be for another. Therefore, it is important that you identify what causes you stress and learn to control it properly. Some of the techniques we use are: Deep Abdominal Breathing, Guided Meditation, Visualization and relaxation exercises. At the Center teach using these techniques for the effective management of daily stress.Let’s look more closely at the first technique: deep breathing. Deep breathing Proper breathing is one of the most effective techniques to reduce stress. The way we breathe affects the tension of our muscles and influences our thoughts and feelings. Two of the many forms of breath are: Conscious breathing: -Take a break. Think about what causes stress for a moment, then forget it. “Relax your arms and shoulders. “Slowly let the air out through your nose. “Breathe deeply, filling your abdomen and then chest with air. “Let the air out slowly. -Feel relaxed and in control. A rapid method: “This can be done anytime, anywhere. “Relax your arms and shoulders. -Rotate your head in circles several times, first right and then left. “Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and slowly let the air out. “Concentrate on your breathing. Put aside thoughts of stress.

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