Stock Exchange COMEX

I will not tell you why you should buy gold! Gold rose to $ 1400 per troy ounce and it was already written many articles on the subject. If you like gold, then you do not need more persuasion to install long position. The main question that I want to talk about is 'Should I buy now or wait for even lower reduction?'. We have recently seen a decrease by 5% from the historical high of $ 1424.3, which we reached on the Stock Exchange COMEX 9th November. December futures are trading at a level of $ 1350.

You've probably heard a lot of analysts about buying on the slide. Once you wait until the decrease in the level of $ 1200? $ 1,225 or can? You'll be a long wait! I think that any long position set below $ 1370 with the correct approach to the shoulder, can be quite beneficial. But on the other hand, if you could never trade in gold, you may not have earned anything at this year's historical movement of gold to new heights, and enter the position when the market is probably reached its highest point you seem not quite right. I believe that the level of $ 1,325 is a good level for the installation of new long positions because it is a extreme reduction of the gold that took place November 3rd when the FED announced the infusion of $ 600 billion into the economy, known as the QE2. With this level of gold rose to $ 100.00 in just 3 trading sessions.