State Recreation

Therefore, an acute problem of employment of those areas, and as a result – a low level of material well-being of mountain people. Stabilization of these and other negative processes by extending spheres of employment, infrastructure development will promote tourism to the appropriate service and maintenance organization, which can be mobilized local population. In this context, an intelligent alternative to recreation does not exist. 7. Economic competitiveness of recreational areas.

World experience shows that tourism is a highly profitable sector of the economy. For example, in Italy, he makes $ 17 billion, that equals 30% of the proceeds of the annual export of this country and in Italy, income from tourism is 11%, Denmark – 8%, Austria – 9% of revenues, which come from exports of goods to the border. Today's economic indicators the impact of domestic tourism are far from foreign. While in the Carpathians there are some centers where recreation industry is a leader in economic structure. On the whole Carpathian region now occupied by second place in Ukraine in terms of income from recreational areas (22% of the total score on the Ukraine) and is second only to the Crimea (42%), ahead of the Black Sea region (17%) and the Azov Sea (13%).

There are more examples in favor of recreational orientation of perspective development of the Carpathian region. But this does not mean that in this direction, you can quickly achieve the desired results. Necessary decisions and to elaborate practical action. Then the development of recreation in the region would create the possibility of restructuring the economic complex. In the future, the industry must take one of the majors locations. It is worth noting that such places in the Carpathians, as Truskavets Morshyn, Skhidnytsia particularly unique, they do not concede any territory of one of the world. In addition, these places have special healing properties. The development of recreation and its conformity with international standards will ability to attract tourists from other countries. For example, in Truskavets resort sanatorium 'Beskid – Dnepr "Every year the travelers and tourists, which makes it possible to attract foreign currency of almost 9 million dollars. Note that the large influx of foreign tourists has increased considerably after this treatment the complex was a joint stock company and adheres to international requirements in care and treatment. Such treatment systems today are created in Morshyn, Lubin Grand, which also comes a lot of foreign tourists to rest and treatment, thereby adding to the region of alien currency, for which you can buy the latest equipment for treatment. It should also be noted that this requires reliable air service to establish such cities as Stry, Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhgorod, Drogobych using modern marketing. Nested State funds in this sector of services in the near future will provide significant revenue to the state budget of foreign exchange.

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