State Customs

In addition, active and fine kontrobanda, which involved many so as to find a job in Uralsk, also very, very difficult, and the availability of sufficiently large 'holes' in the legislation of the country, allows 'for small-scale' do it, quite profitable (commensurate of course with the income Ablyazov and Aliev), but still in business. Quite by accident, I heard a phrase that amused me greatly, and I decided to share it with visitors. There were a quote: 'At the customs post in Ileka (border Ural, Orenburg region) a citizen, after intense wrangling with the employee of Kazakhstan's customs, biting his throat. " As I expected half a year ago, at the conclusion of a customs union has not changed for ordinary people. Simple people continue to face violations of the laws and taking advantage of convenient geographical location, to retrieve at least some petty gain, simple as State Customs officers, in terms of what happened a certain easing of requirements for the movement of goods across the border and the union has lost as a result of a 'slice of profits' in the form of bribes, continues to' fix obstacles' often 'sucking of thumb 'causes arising of contradictions and maintaining tension that displays people out of the normal human state, threw his behavior to manifestations of animal instincts. Seriously, how not competitive products were either in Russia or in Kazakhstan, and they do not, so to speak on the free movement of goods is not necessary. Moreover, even before taxes are paid prior to implementation of the goods to the displaced its sale, that is not vvezesh until paid.

Now, bring in 'a new way', without paying taxes, and taxes and then disappear for a long time and are usually quite well and quite often even for ever. Tightening of the same requirements on the outer boundary, resulting in a cascade of higher prices for goods of Chinese produc, which were previously the main ones for the people of Kazakhstan, being the most competitive, the ratio of 'For money'. The most 'shabby' demisizonnaya jacket, which cost at the beginning, about 5000 m., is now worth no less than 14 thousand tenge, and on television piteous lisp that China's cotton crop failure, as if Nobody knows that Chinese products made from cotton in Kazakhstan was not already in the 60s of last century, and textile products for poor people in Kazakhstan, with a view to reduce the cost, there is of our used plastic bottles. One gets the impression that any economic reforms undertaken by the Government of the former Soviet Union, are aimed at 'plugging holes' budgets of these countries, through population.