Sociological Theory

” Mannheim wrote: This knowledge (the social one) is aid for that they govern, but also can benefit to the governed ones. Perhaps the education generally, but mainly in the science of the society, allows the governed ones to restrain the abuse of lderes” 3. Conclusion Concluding, this small test does not try to be more than an impeller of a greater development and emphasis in the social investigation. Wishing to urge its readers to a recognition superior of the paper who play human sciences and to be educated in them, to the authorities to increase to the supports and the facilities to investigations of this branch, to the organized society and the organizations economic to support this type of studies disinterestedly, and to the social scientists to commit with its works being looked for the greater objectivity and impartiality. As ” established Max Weber; The truth not always is beautiful and pleasant, but the sociologist.

, it is it jeopardize to set out the truth and to even maintain it over his convictions polticas” 4. Understanding all that stop to reach as civilization the wished viable development is indispensable the perfect harmony between the economic aspects, social and environmental. And it is indeed in this problematic one where the paper of Social Sciences becomes angry, like an epistemologic set of assertions and directives that orient the destiny of the humanity.

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