Shielding Your Company From Possible Defaults

The world has changed very quickly, in my daily contact with companies as a consultant in arbitration I find sick companies. Yes ill by the pandemic of defaults. There are sectors that are very sick (looong unpaid) and I enjoy doing this parallelism between being healthy (no defaults) and being sick (with defaults) by this allows to quickly see their situation to the employer, company sick or healthy. In this case the first thing we must do is a diagnosis of the health of the company to find out which measures (remedies) apply. When you go to a doctor after greet him and that one says what hurts you than usual is that you ask several questions. In my case as a consultant is something like I do some very basic questions. If you would like to sell you? He makes a contract with conditions of sale? does use a note of request? do packing slips? Those who sign these receipts? Surprised to know the number of entrepreneurs who do not use the necessary means to be able to demonstrate in the ordinary courts that completed a sale of goods or provision of service. Do you know that it exists in addition to the ordinary courts, which tends to be slow and costly, another way to solve the problems between companies? Exists is called arbitration.

The most important thing is to know Court arbitration to which you go, there are many but look well A) that type of arbitration make B) how long delaying C) who are the referees. In Spain we have two types of companies that have defaults and that are going to have. What is yours? Successes.