Russia Construction

Rapid construction technology have come to Russia recently, but rapidly seize new market area. With the development of production and growth rates of building more and more demand for prefabricated building. The main advantage of modular buildings is quick installation, mobility, data structures, as well as great opportunities for redevelopment. Jr, New York City here. Many companies offer specialized modules with full equipment. This means that from the moment the order to start using the building will be about a month. Modular buildings are used in many fields of construction, industry, trade: bath and makeshift in suburban areas; hotels and hostels, canteens, office buildings, offices, buildings and community purpose: showers, sanitary sites, locker rooms, etc., traffic police posts, guard stations, kpp.Modulnoe building – a building consisting of a block of modules, usually has one or more floors.

Modular construction can be compared with the children's designer, where each block is a module. It consists of a metal frame, covered inside and outside panels, between which there is insulation material (mineral wool, Cellulose, Styrofoam, etc.), as the roof is most often used galvanized sheet. And a heater, and interior and exterior cladding are chosen from a wide range of options taking into account the aesthetic and economic requirements. Important moment in the construction of an extra strong profile in the corners of the structure and the corresponding connectors for a single unit module to another. The units are connected to each other bolt or welding method, then all exterior seams are sealed foam. Subsequently, these joints can be finished with decorative plastic panels under the general design of the building.