Right Time Work

Most of you got in this situation. There is a certain amount of time – (eg 5 days) and a specific list of tasks (say, choose a wallpaper for a room, write an article found online movie, call a distant relatives, to learn 50 foreign words, go to the pool), to be done during this period. It seems to be easy, but later on, especially towards the end of the target date we have a lack of understanding see that done very little of this list, although it is unknown Where did … What happened? Where lost time? Such situations are not uncommon in my personal life at work, at rest, in every sphere of our activities. Much of this dissatisfaction is related to the fact that we try to fit in a limited amount of time a large number of tasks ‘set unrealistic plans’, as the famous filmstar. If you look at this situation more objectively, you can avoid dissatisfaction with the unproductive loss of his and others’ time.

For example, you have six hours to develop a particular job. Lay the sub-project on ‘shelves’ according to priority. Now imagine your ordinary working day and look how much time you use the “warming up”. If, for example, that one third of the time, the actual time that you can work on the project, will be equal to four hours. Still do not forget that the time needed to “switch” with the regime “buildup” on the job, nor an average of 8 minutes. How often do you break to rest in the process? For example, suppose you break ten times throughout the day, ie 80 minutes. Subtract these eighty minutes from four hours, you get a little more than two hours of really productive time.

Compare this time with the initial 6-clock working vremeni.Neudivitelno that you do not have time to make the required volume of work allotted time. This knowledge will help you avoid the annoyance and irritation due to the fact that you do not have time to do something for themselves in the selected time frame. To increase efficiency, we are desirable to minimize ‘Transitional’ periods. What about breaks? Can I install a voice mail instead of regular responses to the calls? If you need to call in a few places, calling in turn for a short period of time, not tightening it all day. How about email? ‘Handful’ similar problems if they do not require immediate solutions. Now re-think of available to you 2 hours and carefully go over the list of tasks that require action in a given period of time. Now, when you already know how much time is available to you, you can reorganize the business and the continuation of these two hours to work with maximum productivity.

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