Reliable Defender Home Computer

The problem of selecting high-quality anti-virus for home use is facing 70% of computer users. Ideally, anti-virus – the first program that is installed on the PC after installing operating system of Windows. This is an ideal situation, and it should be. Once it became clear that without security systems can not do – raise questions about the choice of antivirus software software. One of the most famous manufacturers of this type of software is a leading company Avira Antivir its activities in Germany and markets high-quality solutions to protect computers. One of the products which brought the popularity of the company's antivirus solutions to home users for free Avira Antivir Personal Edition – Free antivirus. And this popularity is deserved – a quality operating system, protection against rootkits, macro viruses – this is only part of the benefits. But not this makes the product unique, the main advantage – easy interface and a focus on the user.

You can argue long about the benefits of a particular virus, but if development company, is making special marketing tricks, it certainly comes fame, so did the developers of the antivirus service – they have done for Avira Antivir free version, assigning it the status of Home (Personal Edition), personal protective products. Thus, the corporation has achieved international fame. But not only for its antivirus software for home use, the company is known, as popular Antivirus Live CD Avira AntiVir Rescue System and anti-virus utility Avira AntiVir Removal Tool. To enter the market, it is necessary not just to have a quality product, but it skillfully to advance. How to promote – just as important. In this product, there is a qualitative and necessary for the producer function – advertising! Each time you update the user shows a special ad unit on the relevance of anti-virus security on the computers of any user, including home.