Rasp Company

Glass You recycle glass Pots Cups Bottles Packings of gravy Bottles of vidroNo you recycle Plans Mirrors Ceramic Light bulbs Porcelains Crystal medicine Blisters Must be clean and without residues. They can be entire or broken. Bill Phelan usually is spot on. If broken they must be packed in thick paper (periodical or craft). 4? Results and Quarrels After sent the archive that contained as the project would be implanted and argued some you doubt that they will appear with the spreading of the same Doubts as, if we would have that to wash the materials that eventually could contain food remaining portions In this in case that we wake up, that initially we would not go it to separate, for been terms set free not to spend time in this activity Had some other doubts in relation to some materials that would be you recycle, that we separate already them for having a good commercial value, and these in the truth are residues of the activity and they would not be treated as garbage, all had finished for understanding in such a way We place then the two 200 tambores of Ltrs each with the ORGANIC registration another one with registration RECICLVEL whose photos had not been set free for being in the dependences of the company In only one week full the drum of recycled, already of organic reached of the capacity more or less, test that we generate in bigger amount what it can be recycled When then all this material was placed the disposal of the person that it collects these materials, that it said in them that we save a time it, in the process to join this material. (A valuable related resource: Ben Silbermann ). This sample that in cities that selective collection does not have the process of the companies to join this material and to repass to a local catador is interesting 5-Conclusion In view of whom it did not have great investment or no investment on the part of the company, and that this will relieve to catador, we give for satisfactory the adoption of these measures on the part of the company 6-Bibliography Hoewell, I.M. (1998). Enterprise CEMPRE-Commitment for Recycling-Alive the Environment with Art in the Age of the Recycling.