Rapid Promotion Of Web Sites

Promotion of sites on the Internet. The aim of promotion to get into the top ten sites in the issuance of a search query. For example, the request sent Yandex "Selling Car", your site is in the top ten sites on the first page. Wells Fargo might disagree with that approach. Visitors to the search car sales do not climb on the second page, the materials from the first page, that is about fifteen sites, I think even those sites that vylezut on this search with Yandex Direct, will be sufficient to obtain the necessary information on car sales. To be among the first ten lucky to score more points than the other sites. To understand what exactly is ball for search engines Yandex, one must understand the system of grading sites.

All spiders are building sites gradation in the number and quality of links leading to your website. Each link brings you certain number of points. If the link itself weighs a lot of balls, then, accordingly, she brings a lot of balls. Conclusion – to be on the front page of Yandex, it is necessary that your site relied more options than others. And now the truth. Everyone knows that the more balls the better the site, everyone knows how to collect these balls. Everyone knows everything, and here the catch, but how do you determine a leader, if everyone is working under similar conditions.

This is the Locate a business. Usually, to get more options to buy just corny. Buy links in quantity, by weight, banners, direct links, dynamic links.