Problems With Computer Memory

There is quite a lot of problems with memory, and they are divided into several categories. The following list lists the various memory problems you may encounter when you work with Windows xp. Browse through the list and compare these symptoms to your problem: memory leaks (Memory Leaks). Some Windows applications can not be how to exploit the memory. They require a significant amount of memory, Windows, and not entirely free of her After their operations. The result will be a slow loss of memory capacity, you can track through the field memory (Memory) dialog help (Help About) applications. Note that other applications start act more slowly after a while, when the system starts to use very large capacity swap file (page file), offsetting the loss of memory.

When you have an application, because of which all the time begins loss of memory, run it once and leave it open as long as you need it. In this case, losses are distributed on time, if you do not often run and close the application. In the end, You will need to reboot the machine (to produce so-called cold restart, in which the first turn the power off and then re-enable). a lot of frills. Different types of memory problems caused by the problem there are many unnecessary tools. You will see that Microsoft Access or other large applications run too slowly, or even common security breaches (General Protection Faults – GPFs) appear more often after you have added to the system saver or other design elements.

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