Press Areas On The Web Poor

New study shows: corporate websites offer have significant shortcomings for journalists, press groups on the Internet. The netaspect GmbH has studied the press areas of corporate websites. The reason: press boxes are always important for the successful media presence on the Web. The study shows significant weaknesses. You certify only a poor quality the press areas on the Web. Content, benefits and added value are insufficient.

Journalists want to access high-quality press sections on websites want to quickly and easily journalists press materials. The study of online press area”was therefore fourteen key criteria to use, utility and value of eight German-speaking company press areas in the sectors: banks, software, electronics and entertainment. The experts criticise that the press sections are bad on the homepages. Also, the contents are often confusing. Also lacks viable press texts. Low benefits and weak added value the results certify the press areas on the Internet only a mediocre quality.

Above all the values were bad. So the experts could find no single model press archive. If there was a press archive, the search function was missing usually. The offer of added value was also weak, for example, no company for the press offered a callback form. Lack of technical information are specialist information for journalistic work of great importance. However, there was such information in sufficient measure only on two press areas examined by eight. Information about the company were hard to find. Better grades received the topicality of the press releases and the contact information to the contact persons for the press. The journalists demanded in particular a direct extension number. Half of the surveyed areas of the press became very well”the note. Web 2.0 the unknown nature offers in the field of Web 2.0 such as for example films was only marginally present. Only two companies offered a press schedule on their website. RSS feeds have been from the Half of the surveyed offered. Test winner: Postbank AG as clear winner of the investigation stood out the Postbank AG with 2.7 out of 3 stars. In second place were Microsoft Germany and universal music entertainment. Loser was the press area of the Daewoo Electronics Europe GmbH. expert use, make happy journalists an early review of the press room, for example, through a survey of journalists is important. Also a check-up by PR professionals is recommended to customize the press boxes at the wishes of the journalists. Hancock Consulting specializes in strategic marketing communications for medium-sized companies. Claudia Hilker as a consultant, lecturer, journalist and author of multiple books. The agency created marketing strategies and also practically implement the communication projects. Numerous marketing approaches are used as guerrilla – and online-marketing and public relation. Claudia Hilker has written two Marketing books: 1) wow marketing – small budget and big impact: sell better with creative marketing ideas. BusinessVillage 2008 2) customers win and bind: sell more through innovative marketing by Claudia Hilker, Verlag Versicherungswirtschaft; October 2007 Hancock consulting E.k.. Claudia of Han Muller-castles-Gasse 1, 40213 Dusseldorf phone: 02 11 / 60 00 615 Internet: E-Mail: