President Fujimori

It is interesting and impressive, appreciate and see the way that is using certain candidate to the Presidency of the Republic in our country, to achieve this objective. The strategy that is weaving from this moment on, is really amazing. I am happy and worried at the same time, not having me wrong in my previous article manufacturers of illusions, where I say that Jaime Bayly, was only an illusion trick. He already apologized, but still lack see the reconciliatory meeting of all parties concerned. But do not expect that this was deeper in the intention, to ask ourselves: what is it that truly, they are looking for? To create this little story: the owner of the channel, Jaime, intimate enemies, and why not say it all makers give the face and image of the channel, what waiting was lifting the tune in an impressive way to program this past Sunday. But what for?: to officially present the campaign of the candidate to the Presidency, (that I don’t want to mention his name, not to be complicit in this campaign) If in my previous article I was wondering what this new group of power that is being cooked in our country? The program yesterday, already has answered it me; but it is not actually any new group, rather I would say that it is the neogrupo of power between the Apra and the Fujimorism, using (as it is logical), a television channel to make their electoral propaganda.

As the saying goes: the fish dies from mouth, unwittingly Jaime in a previous television program said, that the governing party, had their other party presidential candidate, so then our President back with force in elections in 2016. If we have seen the television programme last night Sunday, February 28, we realize who it is. Thus, in this way, the cycle of power would be maintained for perpetuity. Have allowed the daughter of Fujimori, get married by the Church, in the place where his father is being held demonstrates everything that I am Affirming. Suppose that our President, let free to former President Fujimori, missing three months for presidential elections in our country, could be taken as a wanting to win all that human mass election for the ruling party; But if, instead, the candidate of the party is the Fujimori, could understand this?. Is a little difficult (but not impossible), to pretend, that whole aprista electoral population vote for candidate Fujimorista; It would be like a double favor. What luck have a channel of television at our disposal to make electoral propaganda that is needed, and that luck also count with a television program specific, in which all expect, has been manufactured to achieve this end. We are not that lucky, our electoral campaign, you will remain anonymous.

Suddenly will not have the opportunity to say the following: the overcoming of the human being, is in knowledge, knowledge; and isn’t in be complaining of our fate, to see that the pattern us exploits, but, rather, knowing that knowledge will make us free won’t be lucky enough to say this, and some other things, to our plan of Government. In this match as I repeat, remaining (at best) in anonymity, only have to start two votes: mine and my wife’s. I could write a story, or a fiction novel, in which narraria, as a party that was born from nothing, comes to power. But as I say: I have no luck of others to disseminate it.