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The funny thing is that this Friday I woke up relaxed. In the movies they awaken startled and sweat. I was made a silk and happy. It was for the first time in a long time feeling happy. This trip made me happy. It was finally a happy person, how could feel guilt? Impossible. When I arrived at the Office the boss called to say that he was not going to come.

Nothing could go wrong. We were both alone and the bus came out at seven o’clock in the evening. I had it to five and a half to have time pass by my house and search for suitcases. I could not lift suspicions. Patricia called quarter past five to see how everything was and give me strength.

Perhaps because I was too anxious I could not wait for me up to five and a half, without measuring it to the five he had finished it. I smashed it in less than five minutes, I first ahorque it with both hands and I was amazed of all accumulated energy that was inside. Holding me all these years while she ate me head. He looked at me with the same eyes as always and as she made her disappear recovered my energies. She had consumed me, I had become her slave and the worst thing is that it took me years RID me of it. I left no footprints, only a letter, knew the boss to read it on Monday morning. Patricia was waiting for me in the place agreed Terminal, smiled at me and back the smile. In addition to friends, now we were accomplices. The bus left Seville and we spent the summer in Andalusia. No me arrepiento de nada? It had to be this way and was worth it. I needed new to rethink me, aires a summer on the beach and mind in salt water. They told me that the following Monday my boss is breakfast with my letter, until he read it aloud to other employees as a bad example. I just kill my routine. I’m going to Andalusia to spend the summer to recover time lost. Post Data: Life is lived once. I sent you a postcard from Sevilla. To read more: original author and source of the article.