PORTICA Wrapped Premium Action For Senseo From

Senseo premium action ‘Italian coffee moments’ Kempen. SarLee coffee & tea company, Cologne, and the Agency’s companions, Cologne (www.diegefaehrten.com) committed the PORTICA fulfillment specialists to the technical implementation of the Senseo premium action Italian coffee moments. The companions”was responsible for the conception, the creation and the implementation of the sales promotion measures within the framework of the action and also coordinated all further services related to the bonus action. Under this temporary campaign codes collected, submitting the consumer in the market through the purchase of promotional merchandise can acquire and through a promotional website. The online registration is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the BDSG. This customer data is entered and performed a double-opt-in to the identification of the participant. The promotional website is created and programmed by PORTICA. After successful registration, the consumer has the possibility, his account with the acquired code fill and to redeem for various rewards.

In addition, also a direct purchase of bonuses is offered via the website. This, a storefront of PORTICA is deposited and thus takes into account today’s relevant requirements for e-commerce. Rewards actions enjoy in Germany of popularity because they offer interesting possibilities for application. PORTICA offers with the WebCampaignManager”on a performance integrated solution connected to the own ERP system. Thus it is possible to campaign-related information just-in-time”to represent and reproduce all relevant data in a neat storage at the same time. Thus two different systems are successfully combined. PORTICA has recorded a solution-oriented Internet application for the efficient processing of sales promotions for the first time with the WebCampaignManager in their broad service portfolio. With this software-as-A-service (SaS) approach, enterprises can complex Sales promotion actions process efficient, transparent and cost-effective.

As can be, in addition to many other opportunities, cashback – and reward actions with maximum control. About Senseo in cooperation with Philips Douwe Egberts with Senseo has pod systems developed the original, more than six years ago on the market brought in Germany and now almost seven million coffee pod machines sold with several billion pads used an absolute trend. With high-quality coffee brands the Dutch company of Douwe Egberts has reached (250 years coffee experience, part of Sara Lee since 1978 the world’s active consumer group) a market-leading position for decades in many countries. This is one of the world’s largest coffee roasters, in over 50 countries Douwe Egberts, not only expert in traditional coffee varieties and specialties, but also trend-setter for the modern coffee concepts that change the market environment. PORTICA GmbH is a leading marketing support PORTICA Marketing logistics company on the German market and optimized for their customer marketing, sales and information processes. The company serves customers from diverse industries and settles in the action business, mailings, in advertising, in contract logistics and business process outsourcing hundreds of projects each year. The focus lies in the efficient handling of processes through the interaction of logistics, information and financial management. Contact Markus Ramirez PORTICA marketing support Sales Manager phone 02152 / 915-192 E-Mail Internet

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