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It is important to obtain a good camera of photos, at present the digitalises are those that they are supplanting to the traditional ones of celluloid negative, but as in the traditional photography the camera is fundamental to secure acceptable results. It is very important that the camera has a good objective with a good game of lenses and that the zoom lens is not digital is optician that means that is the optics the one that approximates the image, as a telephoto lens, another point to consider is the approach because it is important that the camera is able to focus or manual or of automatic form, if the photo this defocused one will not have quality. The objectives tend to deform the images mainly when they use great the angular one, (remote zoom lens), we approached but it, like he is not optician, it is as if we were increasing the image and like the image this slightly deformed by the objective in fact the unique thing that we are obtaining is to increase an image deformed. To use whenever it can the zoom lens to approach is preferable to move away to us and to approach the image that to approach and to move away the image to us, this advice only serves when the zoom lens is optician. The mega pixels: it is the amount of information that is able to gather in each photo and serves to be able to increase the photos without they lose quality, for example to select part of the photo and to take it to a size superior, but eye if the approach is not good we will have a photo with much information but when defocused being, will not have quality and this much note when there is to increase it because note but the bad thing that this the approach. Speed: whatever but speed of clogging but detail will leave but we will practically need more light, in a luminous day not note, but beams photos to sprites or little light you will have to follow the movement of the object or to be very quiet if there is little light. In summary but the important thing is that it has an objective that allows to focus what your you want to you to focus, an objective with game of lenses that produce different planes from approach, main reason focused and the defocused bottom slightly to give to sensation of volume or distance. The mega pixels is not so important if the photos do not go away a to extend.

Eye these advice are of a fan but that works with the photography and that he suffers all these details we dedicated to the preparation of customized purses Portage with printed photos reason why something if we understand. In a next one he sent will speak to you of the resolution and the different formats to store the photos.

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