Partial salpingectomy salpingectomy

Partial salpingectomy salpingectomy In this type, which is the method of occlusion of normal use, the fallopian tubes are cut and tied off with suture material. Pomeroy’s technique, described by colleagues posthumously Ralph Pomeroy in 1930, is a version of salpingectomy that is widely used, involves tying the base of a small loop of the tube and remove the upper segment of the loop. The partial salpingectomy is considered safe, effective and easy to learn. No special equipment required to accomplish it can be made only with scissors and sutures. Generally not used with laparoscopy. Parkland (modified Pomeroy): resection of middle portion of tube after linking the segment with two separate points. Irving: resection of the middle of the trunk and proximal stump turns retrograde and moves into a uterine incision, forming blind loop.Uchida: epinephrine solution is injected under the mucosa of the middle portion of tube opens antimesenteric border and mucosa is resected tubal segment, which is retracted proximal stump beneath the mucosa. Then the mucosa is closed with stitches.

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