Overseas Country

We have obtained a scholarship or have that live a while abroad and frequenting a language as a professional and personal perspective or our course Chief has funded us language course abroad as part of professional development? In all cases this involves a few months of stay in another country, then can a problem always decide to be in the suitcase and that leave at home especially in the case of lunga permanence. First of all it is important to consider the country of destination and the season, then it would be useful to search internet to check the weather of the season trends. Anyway, summer or envierno that is, always wear something more heavy for any unexpected temperature changes. Do not take things easy access in the country of destination and avoid oversized bottles of liquid, especially in the case of air travel. Always think of carrying things of primary need that can not be found in another country, for example medicines or products for you body.

Guya travel and map of the city not to be missed are fundamental and exit with a little knowledge of the place there is no need. Leave books in our languages, empiezamos to buy and read things in the foreign language that we have decided to learn. This is the first step and contact with a whole new culture and we need to prepare us for this event, so il change and impact with another culture is more sweet and not is how so sudden adverta. That you make a good trip!