November Companion

After an arduous electoral work post undertaken by our equipment we constituted the patriotic alliance, in a modest effort done with the intention to constitute a collective direction of the process in Cabimas. Of as much insisting and after the line given by the companion Hugo Chavez to governors and mayors to meet with the local leaders of the parties of the alliance, the companion mayor Felix acceptable Bracho our repeated invitation and I get up myself with us until I invite to us to integrate the Commando Simon Bolivar to take care of the conjuncture of the process for the approval of the Constitutional amendment and leave in expectation the possibility of continuing beyond the conjuncture to take care of the great problems of the government exercise as they are it the structural problems. In that instance that tapeworm feet nor heads we did not participate in three meetings where one assumes we would plan and would evaluate joint operations. Luckyly we maintained the Center Municipal of Campaign of IF For All since in the meetings of the Commando Simon Bolivar we were only going to receive a dictation of the cronogram of activities that already had solved the equipment that comprises of the current that represents the companion mayor Felix Bracho within the PSUV and this was reason but that sufficient so that with our small equipment, in they wolswagen rendered and with one propaganda that to us the companions sent Rafael Uzcategui and Jose Luis Pirela we would take the street in conditions of disproportioned to spread the message in favor of the approval of the amendment. A part of our equipment I am subordinated to the line of the current of the companion mayor within the PSUV, the ironic thing of the case is that this group was the one that but I disqualify and it was against to that we supported to Felix Bracho in the elections of the 23 of November.