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In addition to microprocessors, Intel manufactures semiconductor components for industrial and networking equipment. The company's revenue in 2008 – $ 37.58 billion (down 2% in 2007 – $ 38.33 billion), net profit – $ 5.29 billion (down 24% in 2007 – $ 6.98 billion) 6. Intel has contributed immensely to the development of education in all countries where the company operates. Neutrality? Intel in Russia Main article: Intel in Russia in Russian Federation, the company has five R & D centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Novgorod and technology park in subsection Satis Diveyevo District of Novgorod region, in the latter there are specialists reside exclusively in Sarov 7. In addition to research activities, Intel performs in Russia a number of successful programs in the field of corporate social responsibility, especially in school and university Education 8, in particular working with universities to improve skills among students and teachers in areas of scientific research, as well as in the field of technological entrepreneurship.

In general, the activity corporation in the field of education aimed at increasing the level of institutions interested in the development and promotion of modern educational technologies. The Intel is actively working a corporate volunteering program. Under the program Intel Teach to the Future" from 2002 to the present time in Russia, 500 thousand school teachers and future teachers are trained how to integrate it elements into the curriculum. The initiative, launched in 2000 only in some U.S. states, to date, covers more than 5 million teachers from more than 40 countries.

In 2004, with the assistance of the Russian department of Intel's microprocessor technology has appeared in mipt (Head of the corresponding member ras Boris Babaian, director of the architecture department Software and Services Group (SSG) Corporation Intel). The department trains masters in the development of new computational tools and technologies. Intel in Israel, the Israeli representative office was established in 1974. Originally occupied a small office in Haifa (Hof Shemen). Was the first research center outside the U.S Now, Intel-Israel "includes a major research centers in Haifa, Jerusalem, Petah Tikva, Yakumo, as well as plants in Kiryat Gat and Jerusalem. State employees (end 2009) – about 6500 people, not including several. thousands of people working on freelance contracts. Administering the Israeli representative office since 2007 is the Vice-President Maxine Fassberg Corporation. Antitrust processes in May 2009 the European Commission concluded that Intel was paying hidden fees to firms producing computers (such as Acer, Dell, hp, Lenovo, and NEC), as well as sellers computers so that they preferred processor companies Intel, rather than its rival amd. For violation of antitrust laws Intel was fined a record sum of 1,06 billion, and has also received strict orders "Immediately cease the illegal activity, if it still continues." Guide Intel disagreed with the verdict of the European Commission and has filed an appeal 9. In early August 2009 the Commissioner for Complaints (Ombudsman), the European Union Nikiforos Diamandouros (Nikiforos Diamandouros) subjected the decision to the European Commission criticized. According Diamandouros, the Commission conducted an investigation into "unfair" and missed even if the fact of his meeting with representatives of the second-largest computer manufacturer, the company Dell, which took place in August 2006, then in a conversation with one of the commissioners Dell executives said that they use the chips Intel, because the processors amd much worse

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