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To the rising, the child is inserted in a set of relations, first with its mother (that she is its first ego auxiliary), its father, brothers, grandmothers, uncles, etc.; this set was called of Matrix of Identity. For Colored person, the man is a social individual, therefore he is born in society and he needs the others to survive, being apt to coexist excessively. Thus, it created the Socionomia, that means the study of the laws that conduct the social and group behavior. They had appeared more than has 10 years behind the first social nets, for 1997 return, with the launching of the Sixdegres, a considered website the pioneer to make possible the creation of a virtual profile. Although the great amount of users, was extinct three years later, due to financial sustentation. From now on they had started to appear many social nets, creating new models and establishing standards in this new environment. This evolution if gave in the entire world, and in Brazil in accordance with the last data-collecting on active users of social nets, made for the Nielsen Company, the country is to the front of excessively, with 86% of internautas inside of some social net. 2,2 Juc concept (2008) believes that ' ' the good use of the social nets allows to understand as its collaborators, customers and suppliers if they relate in the real life, reproducing the organization of sociedade' '.

Thus, it can be said that the people and/or organizations, hardwired for one or more types of relations, sharing values and objectives, compose the social structure of a social net. Diverse types of social nets exist, independent of this, all search the sharing of information, interests, knowledge that can reflect in a context of bigger democratic participation and social mobilization. A social net is defined as a set of two elements: actors (people, institutions or groups; we of the net) and its connections (social interactions or bows) (Wasserman and Faust, 1994; Degenne and Fors, 1999). .

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