Your contract of rent of offices is on the verge of expiring and you want to renew it with the majors benefits for you? You want to find an office in rent adapted for your business? Then tips reads these. The process begins in time. To begin the contract renovation is an essential subject, since this provides capacity of negotiation and certain manoeuvre margin to you. The process must at least begin ahead year. You must investigate the alternatives of negotiation of the contract of rent of offices. The negotiation can take up to three months as well as the construction of improvements. DES to never understand that the office that at the moment rents is the unique space in which your business works.

Otherwise you could give benefits to your landlord and not improve your situation. Take into account several alternatives of rent of offices without giving a positive answer to the proprietor until you totally in sequence have in your hands the renting contract. The USA always a spreadsheet to analyze if really it is worth the pain to renew the contract. It uses the comparisons of costs like your main weapon of negotiation. When you use a spreadsheet, asegrate of which the proprietor you that he provides the key factors of the price to know if agrees to you or no.

If notes that are reluctant darte information, simply you do not renew the contract. Before beginning the process, it considers the possibility of contracting an agent of rent of offices, but you are expert in your business, you do not worry for that reason. A veteran negotiator of rent of offices more you are equipped so that you receive more benefits. If you decide to contract an agent of rent of offices, considers to choose one exclusively dedicated to the company of real estate. There are many companies of the industry of commercial real estate that represents so much proprietors as to renters, but have to concentrate solely in the negotiation of the best conditions for you. It involves to your own architect of real estate to verify the exactitude of the state of the offices. Speech with the renters of office on the reputation of the proprietor in the management of buildings of offices and treatment just. It involves to your own lawyer of real estate to review the document of rent of offices. With information of