Mystery Shopping

Whether buying a car, electronics – or buying furniture. Mystery shopping is an ever more common means in the German retail trade to show the actual advice and quality of service of a company and to identify the potential of sales consultants. The detailed analysis of this potential allows tailor-made support qualification measures, which can connect to mystery shopping. How shoppers proceed to present comprehensive results to the clients is evident in the interview with Mr Hentschel (mystery shoppers), and Mrs. Rosenberger (field Director). How companies can draw the maximum benefit from these results, explain to be implemented directly in individual development programs for sellers we the Managing Director of Carpego GmbH. identifiable potential of seller. 1 editorial: On which areas of focus in your work in retail? Mr.

Hentschel: Here we go with the pure observation without personal contact with the seller. Here is only watched or listened to during discussions with customers. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dinakar Singh TPG Axon Capital Management and gain more knowledge.. After a customer conversation, for example, the customer could be addressed and interviewed. Then there are small test purchases at those individual components are tested such as the consultation or the checkout process, which is also becoming increasingly important. And finally, there is detailed test purchases, which include a consultation and buy or not buy.

Here, often two or three visits be applied until the purchase decision and possibly yet another level then entered such as Exchange or a complaint. These test purchases, then concrete areas can be tested like E.g. the friendliness at the greeting, the feel-good factors in the business like music, temperature and odor or the service after sale: reachability, service orientation, etc. 2. Editorial: your client’s wishes differ because? Mrs. Rosenberger: Yes, the targets are dependent on the respective project and are geared towards the planned future use of these results. There are also customers over the years repeatedly the same test to get a continuous comparison.