Multinational Companies

While many multinational companies have eliminated the company car to reduce expenses in this context of their crisis, in our country a 87% of companies offered vehicle company to its directors, according to a study of Mercer.Otros benefits who receive managers are payment of gasoline and insurance for car and its maintenance costs. Offer this type of incentive to managers is commonplace, particularly in neighboring countries, says Rafael Barrilero, partner of Mercer.En Asia-Pacific area is not very common policy to grant vehicle company to senior managers, while in Europe and America it is commonplace, and in some countries of Africa and the Middle East is quite widespread. Normally, persons receiving this benefit usually CEOs and senior executives, regardless of whether you use the vehicle for personal or professional use.Slovenia is the country that most grants company cars, followed by Belgium, Hungary, France, Greece, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany and Poland. Executives of Denmark are the recipients of more expensive vehicles ($114.363 on average), followed by Russia (92.265 dollars). Bulgaria and Romania are countries which grant cars with a lower price ($45.423 in the case of Bulgaria and 49.795 dollars on average in Romania).

The German companies tend to offer aid to its managers so that they can acquire a vehicle (with 58.386 dollars on average). Grants in Ukraine, however, are more casualties (with 2,947 dollars), although managers have the security of having paid your vehicle taxes, insurance and maintenance. On the American continent, except in Paraguay, more than 50% of companies grant company vehicles to its sales staff, as their executives media, as well as officials at the time that pays their gasoline, for both personal and professional use. In Canada, for its part, seven out of ten companies da company car to its most important employees and with more seniority in the company.More expensive vehicles offered in America range from 102.890 dollars (in Brazil) to 33.549 dollars (in Honduras). Countries such as Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the USA.UU.

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