Moving Company

First we would have to separate the value things that always we would have to take with us. This will be as much the money in cash as notebooks of checks or credit cards. All this we can need it during the trip. On the other side we recommended to take with us jewels or other objects of value since no insurance will give back its sentimental value to us in the case of loss. We must take with us all type to us of important documentation, for example etc. writings, contracts, insurance policies. We can need them in the destiny and it will be very difficult to locate them immediately to us.

Packing the things we would have to always consider the type of boxes for its packing. For example the books it is necessary to always sprint in small boxes so that its weight allows its manageability to the workers of changes and so that they are not broken under as much weight. The voluminous objects and of little weight it is necessary to place in great boxes and medians to reduce the volume. The companies of changes they have special boxes for the transfer of clothes, mainly hanging. Type closet where we will hang our clothes and in the destiny we will be able to return to hang it in our closet, without needing ironing it are special boxes. We would have to reclaim the original packing of the electric home appliances and electric appliances, we have if them kept. These packing always will protect better the corresponding content.